Project Name Principal Investigator Organization
Aging Research Centre  Laura Fratiglioni Karolinska Institutet (Huddinge) Expand
AlbaNova Center for Protein Technology Amelie Eriksson Karlström Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm) Expand
Alzheimer´s disease (The artic gene) Lars Lannfelt Uppsala University (Uppsala) Expand
Berzelii Center EXSELENT on Porous Materials Xiaodong Zou Stockholm University (Stockholm) Expand
Center for Genetics and Genomics of Comparative Diseases Kerstin Lindblad-Toh Uppsala University (Uppsala) Expand
Center for Integrated Cancer Studies at Karolinska Institutet – an environment for translational cancer research Rune Toftgård Karolinska Institutet (Huddinge) Expand
Center for Regenerative Medicine Urban Lendahl  Karolinska Institutet (Solna) Expand
Centre for Allergy Research Sven-Erik Dahlén Karolinska Institutet (Solna) Expand
Centre for Functional Genetics  Leif Andersson Uppsala University (Uppsala) Expand
Centre for hearing and communication research Mats Ulfendahl Karolinska Institutet (Solna) Expand

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